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Triptych of the Fish Market

Remembering Fulton Fish Market

Nine views "now" and "then" at the South Street Seaport, once the home of the fish market

Start at Fulton Stall Market, 91 South Stree

1 The view now, looking west on Fulton Street

1 The same view when the fish market was at the Seaport

2 The view now looking north on South Street

2 The same view during the fish market era

3 Looking east now: the rebuilt Tin Building

3 Then: the original Tin Building

4 Looking west now: the Fulton Market building

4 Then: Fulton Market building with fish stalls

5 Looking west now

5 Then

6 Now, looking east

6 Then. This building was recently torn down.

7 Now, looking west on Peck Slip

7 Then, when fish trucks parked on Peck Slip

8 Now, looking west on Front Street

8 Then

9 Looking north now: 146 Beekman Street

9 Then. The walk ends here. Thank you - I hope you enjoyed it, Naima

Call Naima at 212-964-8465 for information. Thank you.






Triptych of the Fish Market






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