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$1,800 – charcoal – 28" x 12"  /  framed 33" x 17"

A full moon is all about drama. I'm accentuating this drama by rendering the tower of the Brooklyn Bridge as a dense, dark form. The bridge is more sensed than seen. – N.R.

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Tuna Cutter
  Tuna Cutter
$1,800 – charcoal – 24" x 18" unframed

It is the custom at Fulton Fish Market to remove the center bones, the rack, all at once when cutting tuna. The result is four long loins of dark red meat. This cutter has already removed the top two sections.

I always stop to watch a tuna cutter perform this dramatic step in carving up a big fish. I want to convey the man's intense concentration. – N.R.

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Heaving Swordfish  

Heaving Swordfish
$2,100 – charcoal – 22" x 30" unframed

It is not unusual to see large swordfish at Fulton Fish Market. Swordfish arrive gutted, with head and tail removed, and packed with ice. The two men, with the swordfish between them, make a perfect arc in this brief pause of movement. – N.R.

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Hauling Fish   Hauling Fish
$1,800 – charcoal – 22" x 15" unframed

Charcoal is such a flexible medium. I can get a range of middle tones, deep darks in an even texture, and still describe a line on top of it all. – N.R.

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Delivering His Fish

Delivering His Fish
$900 – charcoal – 11" x 15" unframed

The single figure on the left looks toward the two on the right, whose bulky forms nearly exit the composition, save for the lone figure's gaze. – N.R.

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A Box of Fish

A Box of Fish
$2,300 – charcoal – 24" x 18" unframed

This is done in a tighter style than most of my charcoals. I got quite carried away by the fine detail of these fish. They were so fresh and beautiful; I could not resist rendering them in this manner. – N.R.

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Purchasing Information

Naima is happy to answer questions about purchasing artwork or commissioning a special order painting.

Please email Naima at SeaportArtist [at] or call her at 212-964-8465.

Layaway Plan

Payments can be made over time, with no interest charges. The artist keeps the artwork until paid in full.


Packing and shipping are available. Charges depend on size of artwork and method of shipment.


Matting and framing are available for unframed prints, watercolors and charcoals.

Sales Tax

Sales tax applies to artwork picked up or shipped within New York State.